Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weekend Gaming

We had my brother's three kids aged 3.5 to 6.5 for the entire shabbat while my brother and his wife went off on a ten-year honeymoon weekend. It was easier than I was anticipating. I got to practice my improvisational storytelling charms, and I still got it.

We also had Michael, Elijah, and company over for lunch. After lunch, the three of us played Primordial Soup, a game which is pastoral but enjoyable. It's biggest problem is the tendency for one person to get ahead and stay ahead. I think this is the first game I played where that didn't happen.

Michael took an early lead when half of my amoebas died one round. I expected it to end after that, but half of Michael's amoebas died the next round, and I picked up steam. I caught up and passed him on the very last round.

I decided to use Nadine's genes of choice: cheap babies and longevity. She usually wins.

After shabbat, Rachel and I player Puerto Rico 2-player, and she won 56 to 50. I think she's simply a better player than I am, once she knows the buildings. That's sobering.


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