Saturday, November 25, 2006

Weekend Gaming

We did game after all, but not as I had hoped.

The family had some young boys, ages 5 and 7. I neglected to inform them that the games closet was not a toy closet; people get easily confused about that issue.

I looked up and found him with Lord of the Rings the Confrontation open, trying to understand how to play. I tried to help, but had to convince his father after a bit that this was not for kids.

The kid himself asked, after trying to understand the game, "Don't you have anything with dice?"

And I only noticed after a few rounds of play, when he played one of his cards (and after losing Frodo twice in a row), that the card he played had a wet and ragged corner. I looked up and yes, he was biting the cards.

I put away the game and brought out Checkers for him to play with his father while I went back to the table and downed a cup of wine.

Elkins coming, shortly.

Update: The Elkins have come and gone, and we did NOT game Balderdash. Sharron insisted on us playing something called "conversation", which had totally lame rules and no freakin' tension or discernible strategy. And it was long, man, and I could never tell when it was my turn. The game ended without any clear winner (although I think I was losing).

I give it a 4 on the BGG scale. Willing to give it another shot sometime, but it need some serious rules revamping or an expansion. Even some nice bits would make it more enjoyable.


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